class gafaelfawr.services.kubernetes.KubernetesIngressService(config, storage, logger)

Bases: object

Manage Ingress resources with Gafaelfawr annotations.

The GafaelfawrIngress custom resource defines a template for an Ingress resource that will be created by this service, with the special annotations and configuration for Gafaelfawr added. It is intended to be driven by Kopf and a thin layer of Kopf event handlers.


Methods Summary


Handle a change to a GafaelfawrIngress.

Methods Documentation

async update(parent)

Handle a change to a GafaelfawrIngress.


parent (GafaelfawrIngress) – Contents of the GafaelfawrIngress Kubernetes object.


Information to put into the status portion of the object, or None if no status update is required.

Return type:

KubernetesResourceStatus or None


KubernetesError – Raised if some error occurred while trying to write to Kubernetes.