Service tokens

If a service needs a token to make authenticated calls on its own behalf, the recommended way to create such service tokens is with Gafaelfawr’s Kubernetes secret support. Create a GafaelfawrServiceToken object in the same namespace as the service:

kind: GafaelfawrServiceToken
  name: <name>
  namespace: <namespace>
  service: <service-name>
    - <scope-1>
    - <scope-2>

Gafaelfawr will then create and manage a secret with the same name and in the same namespace. That secret will have one data element, token, which will contain a valid Gafaelfawr service token. The service name and the scopes of that token will be determined by the settings in spec. Any labels or annotations on the GafaelfawrServiceToken object will be copied to the created secret.

You can then provide that secret to the service via whatever mechanism is the most convenient, such as by setting an environment variable with its value using the normal Kubernetes Pod specification.

<service-name> must begin with bot- and otherwise be a valid Gafaelfawr username.